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That damn F-word!!!! – Lars Durst-Bargmann

That damn F-word!!!!

If there is one word that keep coming up in our little simracing-niche-community, it’s that damn F-word (“Fanboy” that is)

As much as I hate the word itself, I must admit that it is a very describing term, and the thing that annoys me the most isn’t so much the word itself, as it is the people it correctly describes.


The word is primarily used in 2 ways.

  1. As a (correct) description of a group of people.
  2. As an insult.


To start from the back, the second option is just plain stupid. It refers to discussions where one part argues that Heinz ketchup is great, to which another part argues that he/she prefers Beauvais. This discussion usually goes back and forth a bit, with useless arguments made by both sides (you can’t argue with taste) until one of the parts pulls out the fanboy card. At this point, I will not read any further, because the level of stupid just exceeds “acceptable” at this point, and my experience from the few times I actually did read on, tells me that it will only get even more stupid after that.

The point is, that the word is being used by someone that favours one thing, to belittle people that favours another. It makes no sense at all, since both sides are usually equally guilty of preferring some thing over the other.

Using the fanboy card, as an insult against those that defend their preference over yours, is just stupid! There is not a better word to describe this behaviour than “stupid” (without getting totally vulgar, which I am completely capable of, but trying to avoid)

Preferences are preferences, and don’t really need an explanation. My favourite colour is black and I can’t explain why. You cannot change my mind about that, by arguing that green is lighter on the eyes or whatever. Calling me a fanboy won’t help either, and the word might even look more decriptive of you than me, when thrown into a discussion like that.


The other use of the damn “Fanboy” word, is my view of certain people in our community.

It’s those people that have been eating loads of Heinz ketchup for the last couple of months, and usually raving about it every chance they’ve had, telling everybody how awesome it is. Suddenly a new ketchup hits the market, and those same people now starts praising this new brand (very loudly, usually). Where it gets really silly, is that they now totally hateĀ the same Heinz ketchup that they’ve praised as the next Messiah for the last couple of months. All off a sudden Heinz has become a bad ketchup?

Usually, I’m pretty good at spotting and ignoring these (often loud) people, but I have trouble ignoring them when they continue their quest in an almost religious way. Often these fanboys will argue about how stupid and ignorant everybody is, that doesn’t praise this new ketchup-brand in the same way they do. They will argue that this new brand is the only brand worth eating, and everybody that eats Heinz are plain stupid. They will go on about this in a religious/highlander way (“There can be only one”) and no matter how many times I try to tell them that I actually like many ketchups and have no problem with eating other brands, it just falls on deaf ears.

There is an astonishing amount of these types of fanboys in the simracing community, and I find it harder and harder to keep ignoring them all, which is partly why I started this blog…