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The relativity-theory of an idiot. – Lars Durst-Bargmann

The relativity-theory of an idiot.

Since I openly admit that I am a forum slut, it should come as no surprise that I spend way too much time on the iRacing forums, reading tons of stuff and sometimes even get involved in some of the discussions there.

Lately, I have noticed an increase in the amount of posts, that has no other purpose than to get the authors frustration out, usually by stating (as fact) that 99% of the drivers on iRacing are complete and utter idiots. I am pretty sure this is not a new thing, but it seems to be a growing trend in my “consciousness” in that forum.

Often times, these rants are accompanied by a replay-file or a YouTube video that clearly show the situation, in which the author feels he/she has been the victim.

All in all, this trend would be fine, if these posts were actually objective and contained just a bit of self-insight. I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say that at least 90% of these ranting posts are completely unwarranted and unnecessary.

The point I’m getting at here, is that there seems to be an abundance of people on iRacing, feeling that anybody making a mistake on track (in which others get caught up sometimes) are huge morons and evil idiots, that actually do this stuff because they want to ruin everybody else’s races, and therefore should be tortured and killed on the town square by dawn. The funny thing is, that these finger-pointing people quite often makes similar mistakes themselves, but in these situations it’s really just that, a mistake. It’s only when other people do these things, that they are idiots.

This is exactly what Einstein was talking about, people! Whether you’re an idiot in iRacing or not, is relative to where you are in relation to the accident happening. Smiley med åben mund

Of course, this is not true (because everybody knows that Einstein was a rFactor fanboy!) but sometimes it feels that way, when you’re reading the forums.

Basically you are an iRacing-idiot if :

  • You react to a situation differently than the driver behind would have done, and the two of you get together because you didn’t react as expected!
  • You are racing hard and pushing the best you can and accidentally get’s into a slide, because if the driver behind you has to (*gasp*) lift the throttle a tiny bit to avoid you, you would have ruined his chances of winning (which is why the driver behind NEVER lifts, and slams into you as a result, which of course makes you the idiot)
  • You defend by taking the inside line, and the driver behind you gets frustrated about not being able to run his/her normal hotlapping-line and crashes out.
  • …and many, many more situations. Actually, it’s probably close to “every situation”!


I’m just gonna leave this here; this article might be continued at a later date…